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"Thanks to Hill Country Goldendoodles, our household grew by another four legs. HCG was extremely responsive in answering questions both before and after our purchase. Our puppy is so playful, smart and easy to train."

Lori A.


"Thanks to Hill Country Goldendoodles we have our new addition to our family. We love our new AJ. She is so smart for 6 weeks. Fills our hearts with joy everyday."

Brent A.

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"Making the decision to adopt an English Cream Goldendoodle was the best decision I’ve ever made! Working with Luke and Emily during this process was so easy and very gratifying. They are experienced Breeders and their pups are well cared for GORGEOUS dogs!  I am so pleased to have my adorable Goldendoodle....Thank you Luke and Emily!!!!"

Trisha G.

F1 Goldendoodle

"We purchased a puppy from Hill Country Goldendoodles recently. The website has a lot of great information on the parents & the puppies. Luke & Emily were very responsive to communication and made everything easy. We received all the information on our puppy's parents, her vet records, and a few items to make her comfortable when we brought her home. Most of all, we have a sweet puppy with a great demeanor!"

Rebecca McCormick

Standard goldendoodle puppy

"Hill Country Goldendoodles not only provided us with an amazing new member of our family, they feel like family themselves. They take a proactive, vested interest in ensuring they are providing the healthiest, happiest puppies but it doesn’t stop at the handoff. They reach out to make sure the puppy is acclimating well, and provide invaluable coaching and insights in terms of training/care. We couldn’t be more thankful we decided to bring Shelton home from Hill Country Goldendoodles."

Will Mallow

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"I have now purchased 2 English Golden Doodles from Luke here at Hill Country Goldendoodles. My first one was 2 years ago, a male, we named Finnagan Malloy, the second, we just picked up yesterday March 21, 2021, female, we named Jezebel May. Finnagan has been the best dog I have ever owned. He is intelligent, loving, sweet, playful and protective. He was easy to train and is my forever best pal! He is very healthy, we have ran his health and dna through EMBARK and he is just perfect! Jezebel believe it or not is even more special and we just adore her already. She did great on our car ride home, we are already house breaking her with ease, no accidents yesterday at all. She lets me know when she needs to go outside and she is even shaking my hand already! As a breeder, Luke has been great - he is wonderful in communications, and has done a tremendous job breeding these puppies. I know he loves his girls as much as we love all of our fur babies. I would recommend him to anyone, and I have recommended him to many! Always happy to talk with anyone who may be thinking about using Luke and Hill Country GoldenDoodles for their next fur baby."

Meaghan Davenport