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Double sided dematting and deshedding tool


This is the best tool for untangling matted goldendoodle hair and removing loose fur from our golden retrievers. Believe me, we have tried countless deshedding and dematting tools and this is hands down the best. Why this tool is the best…

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Rake out mattes and loose hair with ease!

Double sided dematting and deshedding tool for goldendoodles and golden retrievers

We recommend this dematting / deshedding tool for all of our new Goldendoodle owners and any owners of pets that shed or get matted. The double sided rake has 17 rounded blades on one side and 9 blades on the other, allowing you to get a tighter or wider rake of fur depending on the situation. We find the 17 bladed side is best for really digging into mattes and pulling them apart, while the wider 9 bladed side is best for removing loose fur. It’s also great for any pet with medium to long hair. Even cats!

Best Goldendoodles brush. fur removal for matted goldendoodle

Our Dogs love it!

We have four Golden Retrievers and they are picky about their brushes and hate certain tools. If you know how bad Golden Retrievers shed, then you know how important it is to have a tool that can get that loose hair off. This deshedding comb is a GOD send, and why we have it listed on our site as our #1 must have product for all pet owners with medium to long hair.

If your dog doesn’t like to be brushed, then he/she likely won’t sit still while grooming. It makes brushing and grooming a major pain in the butt. Our dogs LOVE this dematting comb. The rounded blade edges have a massaging effect that keep them still and happy. Now when we get the brush out, our girls get as excited as if we were going to take them on a walk or to the park!

deshedding brush for matted goldendoodle

dog dematting tool for matted goldendoodle

Matted Goldendoodle?

Goldendoodles tend to get matted in the most sensitive areas behind their ears and under their legs. This tool allows you to really get in there and pull the mattes out without hurting them. We recommend using this brush on problem areas at least once a week to keep them from getting matted and avoid needing to be shaved. Seriously, just 10-15 minutes, once a week with this brush will keep your doodle from getting matted!

This dematting comb is not just for Golden Retrievers, Poodles and Goldendoodles. It works on any pet with medium to long hair!

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