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Why English Goldendoodles make the perfect family pet

What is an English F1 Goldendoodle?

Goldendoodles are produced by both American Golden Retrievers and English Cream Golden Retrievers. While both are great, loving breeds, there are many differences in which make us big proponents of the English Golden Retriever, which produce the English goldendoodles. Along with their apparent physical differences (blockier build, creamier color and thinner coat; less shedding), there are some health benefits coming from the English Cream Golden. The life expectancy of an English Cream Golden is a bit longer than the American. With a high cancer rate at 60%  in American Goldens, their average lifespan is 10 years and 8 months old. English Cream Golden Retrievers have shown to possess a reduced chance of getting cancer (38.8%), resulting in an average lifespan of 12 years.

There are many variations of Goldendoodles. F1 Goldendoodles are the original cross breed of a Golden Retriever and a Standard Poodle – 50% Golden, 50% Poodle. F1B Goldendoodles are the cross breed of an F1 Goldendoodle and a Poodle – 75% Poodle, 25% Golden. Here’s where it starts to get confusing. F2 Goldendoodles are the crossbreed of an F1 Goldendoodle and another F1 Goldendoodle, resulting in 50% Golden, 50% Poodle. F2B Goldendoodles are the cross of an F1 Goldendoodle and an F1B Goldendoodle – 62.5% Poodle, 37.5% Golden. 

Benefits of having an F1 English Goldendoodle

  • Minimal shedding, hypoallergenic 
  • Intelligent 
  • Loyal companions 
  • Silly
  • Obedient
  • Longer average lifespans
  • Child-friendly

Characteristics of the F1 English Goldendoodle: 

The F1 English Goldendoodle is about as close as you can get to a real life stuffed animal. This is why they’re often known as English “Teddy Bear” Goldendoodles. They are compassionate, sensitive, and extremely intelligent, obedient dogs. They are silly, snuggly, and the ultimate family companion. While they do shed, it is very minimal.

Why Hill Country Goldendoodles: 

First and foremost, our Goldens are our pets, raised in our home. We are not a kennel facility or Puppy Mill. Our dogs give birth in our home, in comfortable, temperature controlled environments. The health of our dams and their puppies are our top priority. We interact with the puppies one-on-one daily, working on socialization skills and becoming familiar with crate training.