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New Puppy Essentials

Puppy Food

We recommend the below foods. If you choose something different, make sure you're buying puppy food for large breeds!

Large Dog Crate

This dog crate is large enough for dogs 90lbs+. We recommend buying the full size now so puppy can grow into it.

Puppy Play Pen

These are the exact pens we use. They're great for out in the yard, or containing the puppy even in the house. As they grow, you can buy more of these if need be and simply connect them together to make a larger pen.

Small Washable Pee Pads

This is a pack of 2. We recommend getting a couple of packages as they are super useful for sitting with the puppy on the couch, in the car, or in the crate.

Disposable Pee Pads

This is what we use in the pens and the puppies are doing good about going to these to potty. Easy to throw away and keep the washable pads clean.

Puppy Pen Pee Pads

If you get the puppy pen, we recommend buying a couple of these large, machine washable pads that can go under the pen. You can wash 1 while using 1. We use these in our house daily with the puppies.

Puppy Wipes

These are great for spot cleaning the puppy when they step in poop, roll in dirt etc...

Puppy Shampoo

We love this tearless shampoo and conditioner for washing our dogs and puppies.

Puppy Perfume

Keep your puppy smelling fresh. We use this all the time, even on our big dogs. It's a neutral and natural clean smell, nothing fruity or off-putting

Puppy Scrub Brush

These are great for getting poop and dried mud out of their hair when bathing.